Who am I

My name is Henkco Snippe and for many years I have been active as a project leader/project manager and advisor in the food & pharmacy industry in the field of end packaging and improvements.

The broad work experience that I have gained over time through the many assignments in the (end of line) packaging, make that ProjectSupportSnippe B.V is the ideal partner in improvement projects and projects.

As a driven all-round project manager, project leader, project engineer or as a start-up and commissioning manager, I ensure a good end result and an appropriate assurance of quality, budget and capabilities of the projects.

What do I do?

In recent years, I have increasingly focused on packaging projects and the food industry in project management, as a result of which the activities I carry out have shifted more and more from technical advice and engineering to (interim) maintenance and production management functions and thereby guiding change processes within an organization.

I am also involved in troubleshooting existing packaging lines with associated efficiency improvements, for example through the OEE & TPM.


Quality, Personal and Experienced



I deliver quality to my customers with the right commitment.


I always stay personal with the customer and give a personal twist to the assignment.



Years of experience built up and services provided to several previous clients.